This petition has been created by British author and film maker Christopher Everard.  After signing, you will be urged to click a link in your email and join our international Petition group.  This petition will be sent direct to 10 Downing Street and a copy will be sent to the Petition Committee at the Houses of Parliament.  Christopher Everard is making a TV programme highlighting the WAR ON THE POOR, and by joining our international group of petitioners, you are putting pressure on the British government to stop cutting the benefits to Blind, Deaf, Disabled and Elderly people.  If you have already signed this petition, or want to continue straight on to the rest of this website then click here to enter Christopher Everard’s website.

REMEMBER TO CLICK THE LINK IN YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT AFTER SIGNING.  By clicking the link, you will be joining our Petition group.  Worldwide, poor people are being targeted by rich politicians.  Christopher Everard is an author and film maker - and is making a television documentary “STOP THE WAR ON THE POOR”.

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