Stone Age Psychedelia

Book + DVD • 308pages

Stone Age Psychedelia is about

the sacred plants

and herbs

used by the Shamans,

Sky-watchers &

kings of the

ancient world.

2014 edition with

fully updated text

and full colour


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Stone Age Psychedelia is the latest book by British author CHRIS EVERARD.

308 pages • index • full colour chapter • free DVD with ever book order

Message from the author:

“I founded Enigma Books & Enigma Publications in 1996. I now run Enigma Magazines too - and we are building a stable of brilliant authors who write about subjects which have been suppressed and censored.  We get about 880,000 people per week visiting our website.  So, hey - thanks... We sell our books exclusively - we used to use Amazon, but basically, we decided to start our own bookstore because we prefer to not charge a single penny for shipping. No matter where you live on planet Earth, you won’t be charged a penny for mailing fees!”

Stone Age Psychedelia is my new book.  It is 308 pages long with a proper index, full colour illustrations and I travelled thousands of miles doing research.

Stone Age Psychedelia is the first book which charts the existence of Egyptian mummies in the USA, and presents laboratory analysis of the mummy of King Ramses II - which conclusively proves that hallucinogenic plants from south America & the USA were ingested & traded in Egypt. Chris Everard's quest begins in Iraq & Egypt, examining carvings which are more than 2,000 years old, showing erectile serpents and humanoid figures with the heads of toads - these strange humanoid-amphibians are depicted alongside Egyptian priests, taking part in ceremonies...

The ELONGATED SKULLS of the rulers of ancient Iraq & Egypt are investigated - proving that the royal elite looked very very different to normal human beings. This priesthood were using ancient herbs and saps and mushrooms to adjust their brain chemistry and tap into images & visions of the SPIRITWORLD...

These visionary, prophetic rulers inspired the corpus of Gnostic texts... This book is the result of a seventeen year long quest - delving deep into the Creation Myths of Egypt, and meetings with high level Magicians, Druids, Satanists, Freemasons, Astronomers & Archaeologists. Chris Everard's investigation has uncovered the deepest arcane secrets of FreeMasonry and taught him how to use hallucinogenic plants to SEE and TELEPATHICALLY COMMUNICATE with the OGDOAD Gods... Fully illustrated with full colour 16 page chapter, More than 300 PAGES, this is a monumental book.

Praise for

Stone Age Psychedelia

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Almost two decades in the writing, with full-time research covering three continents, British author and film maker CHRIS EVERARD investigates the secret history of the Royal-Political elite in the ancient world. STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA presents corroborated archaeological evidence, maps, diagrams, documents and photos...

"A thorougly entertaining read which I couldn't put down. I ordered my copy of this book and it arrived within 10 days - which is pretty good service these days. An endless supply of amazing facts to astonish your friends with. Prepare to be amazed!"

PG, Spain

"A masterpiece full of information you will have a hard time acquiring elsewhere".


I just received STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA last week, and I literally could not put it down until I finished it today!  Mr. Everard illustrates with clear and colorful detail the varied uses of mind and consciousness altering substances through out  the ages.  He reveals with wonderful insight and attention to detail the occulted secret that the elite of planet Earth have been (for thousands of years) secretly expanding their consciousness with the use of plants, herbs and chemicals in a quest to gain direct experience into higher realms of consciousness and communicate with "the gods"

CHAD, Germany

"In his brilliant and epic book, Stone Age Psychedelia, Chris Everard makes the inarguable case that psychedelic plant-induced shamanic visions are 'real' and that ancient religions, communication from the spiritworld and /or 'alien' intelligences, all stem from and have the same 'root', a trance-induced, other level of reality. This may be accessed via tribal drumming, dance movements and ritual sex, whilst ingesting psychoactive substances. This is truly the 'Secret of The Ages', which the Royal Elite and their pet magicians have conspired to hide from us for untold millennia... This is a truly splendid book".

ROB, England

"I can assure U this book is far more entertaining than anything else people throw out there… U should get the real buzz of Truth when U read this. It shines through and through".






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“Stone Age Psychedelia is a wonderful book.  Full of fascinating facts & insights”

Lionel Fanthorpe, Presenter of Fortean Times on Channel 4 TV, regular contributor to Fortean Times Magazine & special guest on George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM Radio Show

Christopher Everard

Taught himself French, Latin & Sumerian

Ayahuasca, Syrian Rue, Salvia Divinorum, Mandrake, Yohimbe Bark, Peyote, Cocaine, the Pharaohs, Elongated Skulls, Magic, Ritual & the revealing of the identity of the OGDOAD GODS.

This is Chris Everard’s personal team of Egyptologists - investigating crypts which have not been open to the public for more than 35 years.